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How To Create A Contact Form for Google Drive Hosted Website

Every website needs a contact page. Typically a contact page contains email, phone numbers and your address. A lot of people prefer to contact the website owner via email, they will click the email address link ( and it will automatically open an email client installed on their computer.

Webmail users will just copy and paste the email address from the contact page to their webmail. But what if for some reason they think that open and login to a webmail is a little bit troublesome, then we need to include a contact form because the contact form allowed visitor to give the website owner message right then and there.

A contact form is basically a set of questions filled out on the contact page by your visitor. The message automatically sent to the admin email when the visitor click the submit button. There are several ways to create a contact form for Google Drive hosted website:
If you're using service for your Google Drive hosted website, you can set up a contact form easily, just paste the contact form code below to your contact page:

<form action="/contact" method="post">
    <br />
    <input name="contact[name]" type="text" size="30" required="true"/>
    <br />
    <input type="email" name="contact[email]" size="30" required="true"/>
    <br />
    <textarea name="contact[message]" cols="35" rows="5" required="true"></textarea>
<button type="submit">Send</button>

You don't need to edit the code. When user click the Send button, will automatically send an email to the Google account associated with the site.

FormEmailer Script
FormEmailer is a Google Apps Script developed by Henrique Abreu, with this script you are able to set up a flexible email merge in your spreadsheets and automatic emailing to your forms, and of course with this script you can create a simple contact form easily, follow this guide: Create a Simple Contact Form using Google Drive

Kontactr is a one-click contact form service which lets you create contact forms for your website easily. It implements CAPTCHA on your form to prevent spammers and bots from contacting you. All you need to do is go to > Sign up > Activate your Account > Login. And you will get a contact form code. Copy the code and paste it to your contact page to generate a contact form. You can customize the colors used for your contact form to match your site (

Contact Form code

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