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How to add a back to home page button

Some times we need the people who read a post to go back to blog home page specially when we use jump break to the Homepage posts using small post previews with Reed More potion
Τhe easy solution is to put a Back to homepage button to the end of the post ....

WARNING the examples work with WHITE background 

Example 1 Largest font and 40x40 icon 

Example 2 Large font and 30x30 icon

Example 3 Normal font and 20x20 icon

Example 4 No text only button

Example 5 No text only GIF button

Example 6 No text only JPEG normal button

Example 7 No text only JPEG small button

Now we go to put your Homepage URL link on example 1 using the post editor

1) Click the icon 
2) Click Link
2b) Click Link Again
3) Put your home page URL in the link box
4) Uncheck the box 
5) Press OK
6) You can activate the Home link on " Go back to home page " Text too..

Tip : We Upload the button one time then we use the same button to all posts using the option Add images - From this blog 
Alternative: We can Drag and drop the button from a Older post to the new post !!!

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