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How to make Smart homepage with small posts and Read More button

The rules to make a small Home page with post preview and Read more Button:
Blogger include a Native system to make small post previews in home page with Read more button , No code needed , no JavaScript , no addons , No third party apps, you can build a home  and labels system preview with more than 10 posts per page

But you must follow some Simple basic rules , first of all you have a basic tools to tell to blogspot to brake your page and put there the READ MORE BUTTON
The tool is in your post editor , and you choise to use it to the end of your page preview to the point who you need to brake the post with the READ MORE button

Step 1 put the jump break to the point who you need to see the READ MORE BUTTON

Rule 1:
Resize your first image , small image gives small previe and more posts per page

Rule 2:
Grag n Drop your image to the Left of your peview text , that gives you half size post previews

Rule 3:
Customize your post
"Number of posts on main page" 2
"Post page link text"  from this option you can customize the "Read more" text 3
Delete some post page data - less data = small post preview

Rule 5
Optional : Add a Back to Homepage button  to the end of post :
When a visitor click the read more button switch to full post mode , then if he push the Next or Preview post button get all the post but not a page preview ,
So is Very Important to add the option to Lead the visitor to the Homepage , every time who a visitor return to Homepage or press a label button Activate the Post preview Mode

See how to add a Back to Homepage button to the end of post

Rule 6
Style your Read more Button 

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