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You want to express yourself, and you have very good knowledge in Blogger Template Design ???

Be the Special columnist in this blog in which you are expert 


1) express, creative, see your work thousands of people each day
2) advertise for free you and your business
3) performs social work, enimeronontas serious issues
4) Your job remains stable link information and anadimosiethsi not lost in one day post social networks (daily expier social media)
5) you can add new updates to your articles and republishes
6) your work is Copyright Protected and bring your name and your signature're republished
7 ) You can IId to participate in the Natural Farming Group activities Sitia
8) Can columnist Whenever you liked, on the subject you want
9) is protected to say that and write it strictly abide the law on copyright. and web publishing. 
10) Immediate support among columnists messages and telephone support from the site administrator, your account on the website as a columnist. 
Contacted which way you want:

1) Make a comment under this article using your accout googe 
2) Use the contact form here:  Communication
3) post them on Facebook in cultivation Physics Group:
4) communicate on Facebook with others arthorgafous: Helen:  facebook  John:  facebook
5) RSS feed adress is: and feed burner control panel and [Valid RSS]

blog Changes
1) Added pages control bar - added BAR cheirimou page 
2) pin base replaced with internal base - H pin base was replaced with the internal 
3) contact added "call us now button" - added tilt button on the form of communication 
4) database fixed - corrected the database 
5) articles base updated - it upgraded the database 
6) home page load speed optimize - Improving initial page load speed 

hope you like the new changes. Thanks !!!

Guidelines for contributors

  • Carefully read the tab Conditions of Use  
  • Carefully read the tab N.2121 / 1993 
  • Carefully read the tab exceptions of N.2121 / 1993 
  • Once we fully understand what is  Creative Commons and  © COPYRIGHT  proceed to writing articles respecting the rights of every book creator, photography, video, PDF and proceed to  publish articles respecting literal Law  N.2121 / 1993  copyright
  • We publish articles on grounds EXCLUSIVELY for information and education (ar.25) also uses the quote short excerpts of articles, books, and books lawfully published in support of the one opinion that the lists and review the opinions of the readers and site blogger our provided ALWAYS mention the sources and the author and publisher (A.19) with an active LINK and refers to the original publication source. 
  • CAUTION always seek and find the original source of the article and the author, not the translator, in many articles will get as creator page from another Member
  • Do not  hesitate to call or send e-mail to an author and ask you apoteili by e-mail leave republication part of his work with reference to the author and all other Link wishes the author.
  • If not found or does not give us permission republish the author or find another source we make our own text, form, photo, PDF, Video etc.
  • You can send us articles, text, printed, photo, PDF, Video contacting you  here  or to publish immediately here  facebook physical Crop Group
  • users columnist and then know they direct blog post will give them later columnist rights blog to columnist Directly from their computer, making  login with google account their
  • ALWAYS host and the opposite view, even if we consider wrong, Anti - Paratherome our own informed judgment
  • NEVER not curse and do not use expressions that defame someone, but we present our evidence and allow readers to judge. Eg NEVER say "such and such product is a scam because VIEW" but we as follows DOES such and such product is scam ??? - Exhibit 1 + source 1 and Object 2 + source 2a presumption 3+ source 3 ..... etc. and allow readers to judge.
  • Authoritative sources THERE is something written in a blog or in a chat but BOOKS, SURVEYS, STUDIES, EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL and articles on websites, blog, newspapers, magazines meet PERSONAL  our benchmarks look  internet sources Evaluation criteria  , but if some quote, text, terms etc is not documented certificate and we can publish the labeling Caution !!! Unsupported  +Source 
  • Avoid to copy a article , you can get a smal part , you can change the words , shoot your own photos etc.
Image Processing Tools
Image  and  use whichever of the two you like

How rithmizoume size of our photos at maximum
GO Start > Programara >> Accessories  >>> Paint mspaint is paint the windows we use to put our image in pixels maximum width is length 640 and height Automatic

Then store image formats JPG  :  Press > Save As > OnomaEikonas650.jpg , you change the name of the new image in the onomaeikonas640 to stand out from our original image, good name is to be relevant to the topic eg elia -dakos640.jpg How create PDF files Free Tool

How we regulate the size of the Video
Our Ta video to upload to our channel on youtube and are adjusted to PUBLIC  to be able to see other users. In our video will not be needed because the modifications made to youtube automatically in our publication we will use the LINK of VIDEO
Use what suits you best, everything is simple and easy to use 

free writers
Use what best suits you, all is well, the easiest and simple editor is Google Docs and if you use it you can embed your documents directly to the blog and saves directly to Google Drive
More information and tools can be found in our own dedicated blog here
Web design toos Here

Contact using social media


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