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How to Add Images in Blogger Widget Sidebar

How to Add Images in Blogger Widget Sidebar

Most of us already know adding images to Blogger posts or creating an image gallery in blogger is as simple as you like. However, have you ever thought about adding an image in the sidebar widget of your Blogger site? Recently, we were asked by one of our reader at our Facebook fan page that how to add images to Blogger Sidebar Widgets? You can use the same technique to display affiliate image advertisements on the sidebar of your site. In this article,f we will show you how to add images in blogger widget sidebar.

Fortunately, Blogger does provide a built-in image gallery widget that can easily be added to your blogger enabled site, to do so follow the following instructions.

The very first thing you’ll be doing is to go to >> Layout >> Add a Gadget. Now you’ll notice a list of widgets providedfac by Blogger that can be added to your site. Since, we are adding image widget so scroll down to “Image” Widget as it can be seen below:

Now you will notice a couple of options that you can fill according to your desire needs. Input the title of the image in the “Title” text field, “Caption” or “Hyperlink” of the image. Once you are done filling text fields, try uploading the image either from your hard drive by browsing the image or upload it form URL of the image as it can be seen in the below screenshot.

Once everything is done, Press the “Save” button and that’s it. You can arrange the widget in the sidebar by selecting and dragging to the location you like and after that “Save Arrangement”.

We hope this tutorial may have helped you in learning something that you didn’t knew before. Do share your thoughts by letting us know what your opinions about this simple but efficient tutorial.

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