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How To Backup Images of Your Blogger Blog Hosted at Google Photos

Images are considered as one of the core elements of a website. Without relevant images, a website looks like an old novel that has clusters of text all around. The peoples of this generation are more interested in images than content. Since, Blogger is a Google property, so all the images that you upload on your site are hosted at Google Photos Web Album.  What would happen if Google suddenly removes your all images due to some violating in their policies?  It would be a nightmare and without having an image backup even worse. Therefore, today in this article, we will show you How to Backup All Images of Your Blogger Blog from Google Photos.

To back up the images which are uploaded on your blog, first go to and select Google Photos web albums from the list of Google services.

Now it will take you to a new page from where you can download all of your Google Photos albums or can even select a single album. From the configuration tab, you can select a specific blog or can even download your all albums. Once everything is finalized press “Next” button and proceed to the next step.

Now a new wizard will take place which would calculate all images hosted at your particular blogger site. Once the progress bar reaches to complete, press the “Create archive” button to start downloading the backup of your images.

After downloading the database successfully, you can unpack the files which would reveal the backups of your all images which you uploaded on you blogs arranged in an alphabetical order. Seems like, mission accomplished! 

By using the same way, you can back up the database of your all Blogs at once. Moreover, Google Takeout is a remarkable free-to-use service. If you liked this article then feel free to share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or any other platform.

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