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How to Clean Up Your Blogger Template and the follow up Ways To Clean Up Your Blogger Template. This time I thought I’d take a slightly different approach. As a reader, one of the things that overwhelms me when I enter a blog is too much clutter. So I’ve compiled a list of 7 different elements that are easily removable and won’t be missed!

Google Blogger: How to Customize Post Footer

When you are new to blogger you want to customize your blog according to your choice such as add a stylish menu bar for your blog,Customize your post footer options and much more.You can customize in four different ways.we are going to explain all of them

how to resize a embedes video in your blog

Today i show you how to resize a embedes video in your blog , all we know that the embeded youtube video in bloger is extreamly small size and the user who wach the video cant enjoy the video, but no more , here is the solution :