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Squareup vs Wocomerce Free unlimited productions Ecommerce Website Builders

Squareup is a very interest free Ecommerce platform to build your eshop Ecommerce Website
Squareup comes from Square, the famous Point of Sale system available for smartphones, desktops and tablets. It is like a portable version of your store that can be used to sell and manage payments everywhere with Internet.

Since they process online payments (for example Weebly uses them), you can also create an account with Square and open a free online store.

It’s not the most obvious solution, but it works! You can sell your items in person, and also on the web. You don’t have to pay monthly fees, but they take 3% of every transaction.

What we like: 
  • Great P.O.S: obviously, combining your online store with Square is what makes it appealing. You can sell all kinds of things face to face, from services to concert tickets.
  • Sell tickets: Square’s system comes with a feature to sell event tickets.
  • Inventory tracking: manage your stock easily.
  • You can add unlimited productions in to your eshop

What we don’t like:
  • Optimized for physical store owners: if you don’t have a brick and mortar establishment, maybe not so interesting.
  • Poor SEO options: no title tags or customizable URLs, amongst others.
  • Limited payment options: PayPal isn’t supported, for instance.
  • Take 3% of every transaction.
Visit the Ecommerce Builder Here

WooCommerce + WordPress with free hosting

You might already know that you can use WordPress for free, and the good news is that their most popular plugin for online stores is also gratis. WooCommerce is a fantastic tool that lets you do everything that big online stores can.

One thing to mention is that WordPress doesn’t come with free hosting, so you might still have to pay a bit. It is possible to find free hosting providers (like 000webhost), but don’t expect the best uptime and speeds from them.

You can read our complete review of WooCommerce here, but the main takeaways are that it’s incredibly powerful, but not exactly a cinch for beginners.

What we like:
  • Powerful features: there isn’t much you can’t do with WooCommerce.
  • Great for SEO: all the options you could want here too.
  • Works well for large stores.
  • SSL integration (if your web host allows it).
  • Sleek product presentation: carousels, galleries, you get tons of options to display your wares.
  • NO monthly fees, 0% of every transaction

What we don’t like:
  • Very technical: WooCommerce isn’t exactly easy to set up.
  • Need to use WordPress: and be fairly proficient at it. That also means finding your own hosting provider.
  • No support: you only have the forums to trawl for information.
  • Can become costly: WordPress in general can be a money pit if you buy extra themes, plugins and developer time.

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