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How to Easily Add Google Adsense in Your Blogger Blog

We recently showed you how Infolinks turns out to be the best alternative to AdSense, but the question remain the same does it really is better than AdSense? It is a straight forward, NO. AdSense is almost unbeatable in advertising though BuySellAds has given it tough time, but still AdSense occupies the larger share in advertising market. Some people still find it difficult to add Google AdSense to your blogger site and start making money. Today in this article, we will show you how to easily add Google AdSense in your Blogger blog.

What is Google AdSense:

Google AdSense provides a hassle free way to earn money online by simply displaying advertisements of different sizes on your websites. It provides opportunity to website owners to place different image, video, text based and rich media animated advertisements on their websites.  These ads work on user’s interest which means they are targeted according to your audience and content.

Google AdSense manage all the hosting part, you don’t have to worry about hosting your ads or looking for potential advertisers. Google maintains a healthy relationship with the advertisers and keeps on serving your website with quality high paying ads.

Google AdSense is a CPC (Paid per click program) which means that you will be paid each time a user clicks on the ads. However, it also provides paid per impression depends upon the audience your blog is getting.

What are Advantages of Google AdSense?

  • Quick Approval: AdSense is an advertising company that tends to support new publishers this is the reason why they quickly approves your applications even if you have less traffic. However, your website should consist of high quality content to get a green signal. 
  • High Payouts: Since, AdSense is biggest advertising company. Therefore, it also has some high potential advertisers who pay nice money to the Publishers that have targeted audience from USA, Europe and etc.
  • Robust Reporting: It provides you second-to-second reporting so that you can easily track the performance of your ads. It even provides details about the user’s location who clicked on one of your ads and much more. 
  • All This for FREE: You get this much and a lot of other useful features for a cost of FREE. In fact, it is allowing you to earn a significant amount of money without spending a single penny. 

How to Get Started With Google AdSense?

The very first thing you need to do is to sign up for a Google AdSense account. You can use your Gmail address for signup process, if you don’t have a Gmail account then register first.

After submitting your application, it will take around 24 hours to know whether you are approved to place advertisements on your site or you have to improve your site before you can be the part of AdSense Publishers. In case your application is approved, then you can log into AdSense account to get the Ad Code which you will be placing on your website.

Once you are logged in to you AdSense, click on "My Ads" tab and then press "New Ad Unit" button.
This will take you to “Create Ad unit wizard” where you can customize your ad size, color, ad type and etc.
Name of AD Unit: You can name the AD unit so that you can easily track its performance. For example, if you will be using this ad unit in your sidebar then you can name it as “SIDEBAR AD” or etc.
Selecting AD Size: AdSense offers wide range of Ad sizes so that you can select the one which fits your needs as well as your website’s design. The recommended ad sizes includes 300x250,728x90 or etc. why, because these ads are more likely to provide you high earning opportunities. In other words, you can say that these ads are of higher potential to provide you more earning on each ad click.

Selecting AD Type: AdSense offers different kinds of ad type like image ads, text ads and rich media ads. You can choose the type according to your website. However, it is recommended to choose “text and rich media ads”

Styling Ads: You can customize the style of your text based ads by matching the color to your website’s color scheme, because it is always considered as best practice to get a boost in earning.

Once you are done with customizing your ad unit, simply press “Save and get code”. A new window will pop-out providing you the code of the ad you just created. Now copy the ad code as we will need it in the next step.

Adding Google AdSense in WordPress

Now it depends on you whether you would like to show the ad in your sidebar or content. However, most people recommend showing ads in the sidebar as it doesn’t interrupt your users while they are reading your content.

Simply go to Blogger >> Layout >> Add a Gadget >> Add HTML/JavaScript >> paste the Google AdSense ad code in the HTML text area which you copied earlier and once done press “Save”.
That’s all, you have successfully added Google AdSense on your blogger site. For better placement you can place your ads between your content or you can do some experiments as well. If you are already using AdSense, then do share your experience with them. If you like our article, them share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


*** The original article is in Greek Language and translated to English language using google translate ***

The Adwords and Adsense is the most popular services on the internet for online advertising.
The google adsense is the most common and most effective Cost Per Click advertising and is the most popular choice of all the blogger and webmaster world. The reason why the adsense is the first choice of the majority of websites for online advertising, is that the service is used as free ads no profit from each click.
The ads in adsense powered by adwords. The adwords is a great solution to advertise a company or a website on the internet. The following model adwords advertising Pay Per Click, where the advertiser pays the website for each click that is achieved through the projection of the search results or on the websites that partner with google, this leading to new visitors or customers.

The Google Adsense is a very important channel by which all small businesses online, they can earn an extra income.
We have already talked about the advertising program of Google, the Adwords (see more about Google Adwords ), with which web publishers can advertise their website, paying a fixed amount for each click.
With Adsense, essentially become a partner by allowing Google to allege ads Adwords, anywhere on your website and want to earn money for every click that is made on them.
The money you can earn for each click ranging from 0.01 to 10 euros, depending on the topic of your website or blog. The amount depends solely on how competitive are the keywords around which you build your pages. (See more about keywords in page Keyword Analysis ).
Google does not provide information on the exact amount that you will earn from the ads. You should divide the amount you earn, the total number of clicks, to get an idea of ​​the amount you win for every single click.
Adsense ads are always accompanied by the designation, "Google ads" or "ads by Google".

Why Google Adsense is so successful

Google uses an algorithm to determine the theme of a website. This algorithm includes: Frequency and keyword analysis, analysis of links, analysis of meta tags, etc.
So the ads that Google will rely on your website will have a direct relation to the topic of your page. In this way, Google ensures that your website visitors will be interested in these ads.
Projecting relevant to the topic of your website ads, you get a high click through ratio (CTR). The CTR is the percentage of the total number of visits to the clicks on the ads of Adsense.
If for example you have 300 hits a day and click on the Adsense ads were 30, then the click through ratio is 10%.

How to view the Google Adsense ads on a website or Blog

When your application is approved by Google, you will get an Adsense code. All you have to do is select the item you want to display ads on your page and you copy and paste the code.
It is forbidden to tamper in any way the code. There must be as it is.
Commercials you can edit them as you wish. The Google gives you the right to change the color, background and size of the ad.
The dimensions provided are 10: 728 × 90, 468 × 60, 125 × 125, 120 × 600, 160 × 600, 120 × 240, 300 × 250, 250 × 250, 336 × 280, and 180 × 150.
Do not spend much time playing with colors. Ten minutes is enough if you consider the following:
  • Make your ads look like your own links. Set so that the colors camouflaged on your site. For background, select the background color of your page and color of title, color of your link. For the color of the text of the description of the ad, choose the same color with the font you use on site.
  • Click ads the central figure of your site, using contrasting colors of these on your page and placing them so that all the text to rotate around them.

Building a website with the sole purpose of an income from Adsense

Creating such a website requires a different approach. The income one can earn from Adsense, depends on the number of visitors and the CTR. The number of visitors depends on the quality of information, SEO and the number of pages, while the CTR of the ad management.
It is very important that the website will create cover something you love and you enjoy, whatever that is. With Adsense you can make money from any website, so make sure you deal with something that you love to be able to collect the material for the creation of a considerable number of pages that will contain valuable information about the object.
As I've mentioned many times through this website, the provision of quality information / products or services is the only way for the success of an online business.

Different approaches of Adsense

A model websites is gaining ground is the mini sites, which are websites which consist of a very small number of pages.
I said earlier that the amount one can earn from Adsense, depends on the number of pages in the website. This may be offset by the creation of a large number of mini sites. Generally, the logic behind the mini sites lies behind the question:
"If you had a website that puts 100 per month, how many websites will you build?".
Good question ... I think
You can create very quickly, quite a respectable number of mini sites, which offer you a very good monthly income, provided that each of them is even slightly profitable.
There are two excellent programs that can help you build an Adsense empire, using a large number of mini sites. To be honest, I prefer to create multiple pages on a website, but this is my opinion, and represents the way like me to work. I know many people who earn enough money with mini sites, so it is a matter of right and wrong tactics since both approaches work.
I was saying, that there are two excellent programs that you can use if you want to use the regular mini sites. Both are created by people who are getting rich from the internet, so pay close attention to what you have to say.
These are:
· The " The Mini site formula "of Joel Peterson and
· The " HyperVRE "of Matt Callen

Is Site Build It is the ideal solution for Adsense;

You can find all the information you need on how to create a professional website, in the field of web design . But here I would like to dwell on the Site build It, as I think it is the perfect tool for web design that aim the Adsense.
The Site Build It teaches how to create, it just wants to Adsense. The creation of a website rich in content, with a large number of pages and a large number of visits. You must see the adsense page of the Site Built It.
You can also see here , very successful websites created by holders of Site Built It, especially beginners with no experience in web design.

Google Adsense and Blogs

If you have or intend to publish a blog, consider seriously the possibility to view Google ads through your blog, as it may prove a very important source of income for you.
You can find here , everything about how to create, promote and make money from a blog.
The blogs favoring Google Ads, as the CPM Ads, because they have a very large number of pages, as well as a high number of repeat visits by regular readers. A successful blog, updated at least 3 times a week, ie every month added at least 12 pages. This is enough material for visitors and for search engines.

Tips for best use of Google Adsense

  • Try ads not look like ads. Modern man has developed resistance against the ad, after being bombarded by thousands daily. My opinion is to avoid image ads, the ads that are displayed as an image and use text ads, text ads say. The image ads that will earn eye for advertising and general if someone does not know how to use it properly, it will have very low CTR.
  • The style that I use often is the sky scraper format, translation device skyscraper, which is what you see on the right side of the page is the device with the highest CTR.
  • Another device that offers high enough CTR, is the ads at the end of the page. In, using both provisions.
  • If your website has been created solely to earn money through Google Adsense, then I suggest you place the ads between the text, between paragraphs. It is by far the device with the highest CTR.
The big disadvantage is that Adsense is the exit point from your website. If you promote affiliate programs, you want the visitor to learn about the products you are promoting and not to leave in the middle of the page by click on one Adsense ad.
By placing ads between your text, risk losing a good supply on some cent euro will give you click in advertising Adsense.

What to watch out not to reject you by Google

  • Be sure to have your own domain. (See perssoteres information about Domain registration ).
  • The theme of the website, you should be specific.
  • Do not your site is autobiographical. In such a website, Google will struggle to find much relevant to the topic ads.
  • Make sure all links work and that there are no spelling mistakes.
  • Do not use labels like "page under construction" or «under construction», even if your pages are not ready.
Three are NOT anything to do:
1) To urge the visitor to do click on the ads, writing for example: "click here". Google wants to make the visitor click on the ads because he is interested.
2) Do you click on your own ads.
3) to provide a copy of another website. This is illegal and will be prosecuted. Google has web crawlers which are programs that record all the websites and if you do you will find out very quickly.
Doing these three, it is 100% certain that you will have problems.
SOURCE Put on your website ads adsense and easily won money from the click that make your guests!

Who can use the adsense;
Addressed to all Internet users, more than 18 years, have one or more websites or blog with no offensive content. It is not necessary to be a professional or a company to make money from ads. Anyone can use this service and to earn money online.
How do I make money from adsense;
The profits from click on targeted text ads or images. For every click there is a financial reward.
How do I earn money from every click;
For content ads profit corresponds to 68% of the amount received by Google from the advertised companies. For search ads gain corresponding to 51% of the amount received by Google. The ads are always the highest paid and from online auctions that evolve in real time between the companies advertised through the adwords from Google. Each click can give you a profit of 0.01 euros to more than 1 euro!
When do I get paid?
Payments from google adsense made when the total amount of your earnings reach 70 euros.
How do you pay
After subscribing to the service of adsense, you will be asked the number of your bank account, but there is also the possibility of a check.
What are the types of ads?
  • Ads of Google adsense for content can be text, image, video, flash.
  • Ads search in text format.
  • The video ads are text or image video.
How do I position the ads adsense;
If you use google sites or blogger, adsense service is built and you can activate the tab "profits". Just create an account on adsense you can place an ad with the color and type of your choice on the "My Ads". Otherwise you will be given the code adsense, which you can copy - paste the source code of your website or in articles in the places you want.
How many ads can I put on my website?
Allowed to place up to three content ads, 3 Link Units and 2 search boxes on each page. If you have a website may use different promotional each page, but you should see the number of maximum 3. While in the case of blogs will be selected in three specific contexts advertising.
How to register in adsense;
Completes the registration form with your real data and you plead your website or on your blog. Awaiting approval from Google to your e-mail. Immediately after activate ads. When you start to receive income from click and get about 10 euros, Google will send you by mail a personal pin code and I will ask you to choose a payment method. Google will try to make a little money transfer to the account you selected, to see if he can start working with you. 
Why use adsense; What are the advantages?
  • Firstly because they are guaranteed free and you can make money from ads.
  • Google is one of the largest international companies in the world and the payments are guaranteed and soon. It also does not require invoices, receipts or vouchers for services to be paid. Are the click, you accumulate the required amount of 70 euros and get paid to your bank account or by check.
  • The more traffic your website has, the more will be the profit.
  • The Google adsense pays more than any other competitive company. This is because the ads are projected auction results, through the adwords. The company pays more, is to be more visible.
  • Adsense advertisements aimed at all languages ​​of the world, so all users. If an Englishman eg visit your site, regardless of whether the page is written in Greek, the adsense ads will be shown in this in English and the content will be targeted exclusively for him. This makes adsense successful and effective.
  • The process of adding adsense website or blog is very simple and short. You do not need to have programming knowledge and skills.
  • Ads adsense advanced by alternating each time updated (refresh) the page. The number of ads is large and varied.
  • The content of the displayed Google ads will match the theme of your website. This makes it attractive and profitable.
  • Ads that offer adsense available in different sizes, so it is possible to choose the type that best fits your page.
  • The adsense is open to all bloggers or webmasters. Unlike other competing companies to get approval is required to have a high quality website. The adsense provided at all. Even new blogs that have no traffic.
  • You can use the adsense ads along with other ads of other companies. Google will make it a condition not paralleled colors, shapes and located a short distance so as not to confused.
  • The adsense gives you full information and statistics online to watch your profits. Watching these data learn what "sells", what is the best part of an ad placement and in this way you improve your profits.
Adwords advertising
Create a successful advertising adwords and increased traffic and sales from your site!
What is Adwords;
AdWords is a Google service pay and is a great business solution internet advertising. The AdWords used worldwide on a large scale and is growing rapidly because every day discovering and using countless companies and not only around the world. It is a cheap advertising solution and allows you to control perfectly the money we have for marketing purposes. The charges for the ads you determine you. You can choose if you will be charged for each click on your ad, or for any look and how.
Why choose to advertise through Adwords;
  • First you have full control of the cost. Can moods minimum 10 euros, up as you can afford your opportunity. Is it possible to put a restriction of daily cost, and to deactivate at any time the advertising campaign. This enables you to configure your own budget.
  • Can be targeted to any country you want to display your ads, what hours or days or what ages or even in what languages.
  • The display ads are being targeted. Depending on the keywords you specify ads appear. So if you want to promotions computer accessories, choose keywords related to computers. So when a user searches for something related to computer accessories, you will see your ad. Along the way, you can customize the keywords and add as many as you like.
  • Using AdWords, your advertising campaign will appear on thousands of websites, blogs and searches of Google. If you do not place a click does not charge anything and your ad has been seen in thousands of internet users. In simple words, the ad shows free demo and if interest is charged a small fee you determine you.
  • You can simultaneously activate different ads, which will result in a specific area of ​​your website. For example, if you promote two different products, then you can create two different ads, each leading to a specific product.
  • You can watch anytime disaggregated statistics and data from your advertising campaign, to oversee the performance and evaluate its effectiveness.
Has successfully Adwords;
Through AdWords can be successful promotions for any product or service on the internet. The display ads are being targeted, so basically projecting your advertising campaign to those seeking a particular product or service. The main advantage is that you avoid to spend money to advertise to people who will probably not interested in your subject. So approached selectively your customers. The cost of advertising is totally under your control and is minimal in relation to the TV or the radio. Many companies have stated that they have their business objectives through the Department of AdWords.
Which ads in Adwords;
AdWords ads are displayed either on the main search results page (search) of Google, or to websites and blogs using the service adsense, or embedded in video on YouTube. The advertiser has the choice of how to promote.
What are keywords?
Keywords are the words or phrases you wish to refer to your site through your ad to appear when typed in search of Google.
To display an advertisement must define which keywords will trigger. Also you can set for each key Lexie different costs or an amount independent of each Lexie key.
How does the auction in Adwords;
Each advertiser chooses a billing amount per click for each keyword Lexie. The advertiser who has the largest amount will appear first. Then will appear and the rest depending on the amount available. The AdWords auction is recorded and then alternates after each advertiser can change the amount as many times as he wishes. The AdWords also allows to automatically bid auction with the maximum amount possible, so that collateral certainly effortless a position on the first line of the first page of results, but certainly spending a lot more money compared to manual methods.
How will my ad appear on the first page?
Choosing a sum cost keywords, AdWords will initially conduct a simulated supply and will advise on the possible position of your ad in relation to your competitors. To display your ad on the first page, you should have an average position below 8. After one day, after obtaining results, you will have a clear picture of the position of the ad. May increase the cost slowly until you find yourself in the first place, where you will have the best results. If the amount allocated is low compared with its competitors, then AdWords will inform you that the ad does not appear. This is because there may be dozens of others with better offers. So you should see all the others first and then yourself.
Why not showing my ad?
First you should check if you do not reset the balance of your account. Then you have to check whether the amount allocated in the keywords could place your ad on a good average position. There is the case, the keywords you choose to rarely used, so you need to add more or to adapt it better. A successful advertising campaign is where correspond most clicks per impressions. If your ad appears thousands of times without any clicks, then it will lose its value and will be downgraded from AdWords, considering that it delivers and will not yield. What we need to do, is to create a better marketing campaign.
What is the ad preview and diagnosis?
It is an AdWords tool that allows you to write a keyword in the search of Google and through searches Preview to your ad, so that findings appear if and at what position. The AdWords suggests this tool to search an ad, because it affects the ratio of click / impression.
What kind of advertising can I promote in Adwords;
The ads can be in the form of text, image, or video. In text ads choose a title, a brief description and the address url. In the image ads you can place an image you have created, or you can use the built-in display ad builder that provides you with free AdWords. The sizes of images that you can select are as follows:
  • Leaderboard 728 x 90
  • Leaderboard 970 x 90
  • Banner 468 x 60
  • Tetragono250 x 250
  • Square 200 x 200 
  • Rectangle 336 x 280
  • Rectangle 300 x 250
  • Skyscraper 120 x 600
  • Skyscraper 160 x 600
  • Skyscraper 300 x 600
To promote an advertising video you can use the display ad builder of AdWords, where you select the template and create your promotional video. Also you can put your ad in-stream video, 15 or 30 seconds, which will appear to other users video. Another possibility offered by AdWords is the integration of a static image advertising video of other users.
Adwords Voucher
A first acquaintance with Adwords is usually done with a free advertising coupon worth 75 euros. The process to earn money from Adwords coupon is very simple: First you pay an amount greater than 25 euro Adwords to begin to advertise. When exhausted 25 euros, then automatically placed in your account another 75 euros. Basically you pay 25 euros and you have at your disposal 100 euros to advertisers.

Strategy Adsense for monetization

Adsense strategy
The easiest way to increase profits from Adsense ads on a strategy based on Adwords.
The following strategy is based solely on logic which operates Adwords.
As we know the fueling Adwords Adsense ads with the simple process of auctioning or Bid. This implies that the Advertiser pays the highest amount per click is first in the search results and ads partner of Google, ie those Adsense advertisements on their website. This logic obviously creates a hierarchy in the alleged ads and increases the value of keywords.
The competition's Adwords Advertisers are usually strong in the first 3 or 4 results, where the cost per click followed by a decline, but with little difference in value. The large gap of CPC value is usually detected in the fifth result and below, wherein the difference in relation to the first four results are quite significant.
Most websites have several frames with ads Adsense, with the rationale that the greater the number of ads and ad space increases, so does the likelihood of a click. This logic is correct, because the large advertising space can be more easily captured the attention of a visitor, but it is the reason for the very low earnings per click. This is easily understood by the following example:
Example : Suppose that a page is within three Adsense ad and currently only display text ad. The box was placed at the highest point will contain four advertisers who pay the most money per click, while the rest will show ads with extremely low CPC. Assuming that a website has placed an advertisement in a high point and the other two on the bottom, then the most likely scenario is a visitor to clickarei at the bottom, because there are more ads, resulting in a very low CPC profit .
If the site is located three promotional Adsense, then the first thing we can do is to observe the data gives us the Adsense control panel. If verified the assumption of low earnings per click advertising by a frame, then you might need to remove. With this tactic can reduce the click, but increase the average earnings per click. Following this strategy, we identify the banner with more click and this in the least. We try to remove the box receives the fewest click, so as to increase the profit per click by the sovereign. We study carefully the new data generated and tinker with the other two positions. The result of this strategy differs from site to site, depending on the template, but it can lead to more total revenue.

How to increase your CPC on Adsense ads

Google Adsense Logo with dollar icon
Ways to function effectively increase the cost per click, and hence in our profits from the ads Google Adsense. What factors affect the CPC;
In many forums Greek and foreign read occasionally complaints and queries from users with very low CPC, value or 10 cents, while others argue that managed to earn up to $ 50 per click, which is a bit unbelievable, but the block as we will see analyzing the following way affected the Cost Per Click Adsense.
The main factor which depends directly on the cost per click is advertisers Adwords . They indicate via auction costs per click their ad and the keywords that trigger. This is the basic operating principle of Adsense and obviously we can not take any action to influence. The good news is that there are ways and actions in which we intervene on our website and bring us closer to the emergence of more pricey Ad Google.
Factors that increase or decrease the CPC:
Country of origin of visitors. The visitors iP plays the most important role in the value of the displayed ads. The fact is that most high CPC from Canada, USA, Australia, England and some other European countries, while lower than Eastern countries such as India, Pakistan, China, Russia, etc. The Greece ranks just below the waist with moderate value CPC. It is thus evident that the English content greatly increases profit margins while creating a site with English content, targeted traffic in the above countries is the best way to win the highest CPC.
Niche. The main theme of a website is the magnet ads, so as to display relevant ads. Choosing a Niche with a large number of advertisers gives us more possibilities for larger CPC due to higher competition. A controversial technique applicable to a large number of partners Adsense, is the manipulation of displayed ads . This can be done by research leading advertisers and Keywords and then writing articles or creating pages with the same Keywords. Of course this information will not easily give someone, and if someone can look good to find Online Services that provide such access, but for a fee.
Location advertisements. The placement of Adsense ads affect the value per click, so as to decline. That billboards located higher on the page will give us the biggest CPC, and what follows will show advertisers that pay less money. This means that the positioning of the first advertising panel should be optimized to receive the most clicks.
Number of ads. Following the strategy to increase Adsense earnings that we have described in a previous article we restrict viewing low CPC, so it is more likely for large CPC.
Text or image? Surely no one disputes that ads with images or rich media give older CPC that in some cases are up to ten times the value compared with those of the text. Although Google suggests the option of combining appearance, the truth is that the Template of a website determines which module best fits. Since we can shape the Template of a page, it is considered ideal to place in such a way as to appear physically associated with the content, whether in text or picture.
Pagerank. We have read several articles in which the author argues that the Pagerank associated with CPC. After research we can say that this is a myth. The Pagerank alone does not warrant an increase in CPC. In the survey we conducted we observed that in an experimental neodimiourgito blog without Pagerank (never managed to score, that was neither "0"), presented some pretty high CPC value up to 2,00 € per click, which we had not seen in blogs with Pagerank 2 and under. In another example of a website with PR 1 clicks observed value 2,18 €. The theory of PR and the CPC would not justify such a value click, so we conclude that there is a direct relationship.
Exclusion filters. Introducing filters blocking specific ad served sites prevent our visitors to be redirected to our competitors, but with a heavy price: the lowest CPC.

11 ways to put ads on the Blog

Blog Template
11 simple ways to put Adsense ads anywhere on your Blog, just like in the Sites.
In this article we will solve one of the biggest problems facing Bloggers, ie that placed ads in Adsense anywhere, even in the articles by adding minimum lines of code HTML. Changing the position of the ads on our Blog we can have better results in our earnings and clearly a better picture of the Template. The following methods operate on all Blogspot, except what has been "tampered" largely the source code.
Before we begin to add the javascript code that gives us the Google Adsense, you need to modify the tool below, so you can integrate into the xml Template Blogger. So his account Adsense create a new advertising and copy the javascript code that gives us Google. Then do the paste button and click Convert.
How to place Adsense ad under the title of the article Blog;
Blogger - Adsense - Under Post Title
1st way.
1. Go to Blogger and select "Template" -> "Edit HTML".
2. Do Expand the line <b: Widget ID = 'Blog1' ..... to display the code.
3. Do Expand the line <b: includable ID = 'Post' to display the rest of the code.
4. We find the command <div class = 'Post-header-line-the 1st' > and just below we paste the modified code of Adsense.
5. Putting storage, the ad will appear under the title of articles on all pages !
2nd way.
If you want the ad to appear under the title of the article, but only in the pages of articles , then do the following:
Follow the same steps as above, except that the fourth step after the command <div class = 'Post-header-line-one' > add the following:
<B: if cond = 'data: blog.pageType == & quot; item & quot;'>           Here we put the modified code from Adsense.  </ b: IF>

How to place Adsense ad to Footer Articles in Blog;
Blogger - Adsense - Post Footer
1st Method.
1. We find the same command <div class = 'Post-footer-line Post-footer-line-on the 3rd' />
2. Directly below we paste the modified code of Adsense.
3. Adsense ad will appear in the Footer of all articles .
Second mode.
If you want the ad to appear in the Footer of the articles, but only within the pages of articles , write the following command:
<B: if cond = 'data: blog.pageType == & quot; item & quot;'>            Here we put the modified code from Adsense.    </ b: IF>
3rd Way.
If we want to show the Footer advertising material, but only in the pages of articles just over Social Bookmarks , then write the same command just below this paragraph: < div class = 'Post-footer-line-footer Post -line-1 ' > In this way we ensure that the ads will appear between the article and the comments.
How to place Adsense ad in the articles to the right of the text of the Blog;
Blogger - Adsense - Post Body
1st Method.
1. We find the command <div class = 'Post-entry Body-Content' > and just below we paste the Adsense code modified as follows:
<Div style = 'float: right'>            Here we put the modified code from Adsense.    </ div>

Second mode.
If you want the ad to appear only in the articles, but again the right of the text , then write in the same place as follows:
<B: IF cond = 'Data: blog.pageType == & quot? & Quot item?'>           <div Style = 'float: Right'>            Here we put the modified code from Adsense.    </ div>            </ b: IF>

How to place Adsense ad in the Sidebar Blog;
Blogger - Adsense - Sidebar
To place an advertisement under the Sidebar does not need to change the Adsense code . Follow these simple steps:
1. We copy the javascript code that is provided by Google Adsense.
2. From the Main Menu go to the Blogger tab "Layout".
3. Select "Add Gadget".
4. Add the HTML / Javascript.
5. We paste the Adsense code and store.
6. Move the Gadget in the Sidebar anywhere we want.
How to place Adsense ad under the heading of the Blog;
Blogger - Adsense - Under The Header
1st Method.
The simplest way to put the ad under the heading is as follows:
1. We copy the javascript code that is provided by Google Adsense.
2. From the Main Menu go to the Blogger tab "Layout".
3. Select "Add Gadget".
4. Add the HTML / Javascript.
5. We paste the Adsense code and store.
6. Move the Gadget just below the header or above article.
Second mode.
If moving the Gadget bears the desired effect, we can intervene again in the HTML code.
1. We find the command < div ID = ' main-wrapper ' > and just above we paste the modified code of Adsense.
How to place Adsense ad interim by Articles Blog;
Blogger - Adsense - Between Posts
1. We copy the javascript code that is provided by Google Adsense.
2. From the Main Menu go to the Blogger tab "Layout".
3. Select "Add Gadget".
4. Add the HTML / Javascript.
5. We paste the Adsense code and store.
6. Move the Gadget just below the article.

The 14 should not, the Google Adsense

Many bloggers displaying Google Adsense on their blog, and who are called publishers synithizoun make some mistakes, so to accept the ban their Adsense account.
The Google Adsense is one of the most popular web advertising programs, and provides a good income for some websites. But there (especially in great detail) terms of service (TOS) to allow certain actions to prohibit.
In a walk I did on Blogs and forums, I have found several instances of misuse of Adsense ads. So I decided, for those of you interested, give you a list of some Google Adsense tips, probably some of you already know, and some that will find out now. These adsense tips edited by me, and taken from the following sources:  Program Policies , Terms and Conditions and FAQ , and here I give you the as simply as possible, to understand the respondent, a.

 1. Never clickareis himself your own adsense ads or to do any other way clickarontai automatically for no reason. I would definitely know very well, and if not, learn it, that this is a sure way to close one for you always and much sooner than you imagine your Adsense account. Never, ever, not by asking colleagues, friends, your guests, do click on the ads of your page. Very careful, lest the children of thy people surround you, try to increase your income, making the ads you click, and without actually want, it will be like trying to stop you revenue. Nor can think to use some Scripts to clickaroun your ads automatically, called "automated clicking tools", by any other software. Those in Google Adsense, is a lot smarter than we think, to identify illegal clicks. Tsekarize ads appearing on your pages if necessary, by the Google Preview tool .

 2 on the 2nd. Do not ever alaxeis Adsense code. There are too many ideas for adsense optimization and customizations of the Internet for possible to vary the color, background or the border of ads to match appearance to your needs. Do you like "out of code", but never not "dig" in the ad or the search code. The understand as soon as you try. The search code has more limitations to color and location of occurrence, however, must stay true to the rules. The code can otherwise stop working, and will be considered that contravenes the TOS .  

3 the 3rd. Do not show more than 3 ad units and 3 ad links, or 2 adsense search boxes on a web page. Otherwise, the ads will not appear in those units even though Further add ad units. This is a limitation imposed by Google Adsense, and it is preferable to follow him faithfully.

 4. Do not use competitive ad campaigns on the same page Google will allow text ads from services like Yahoo ads, Chitika etc By displaying such ads does not affect your own Adsense Ads.  

5 the 5th. Do not give confidential information. It is forbidden to report information about the account from you, such as information about CTR, CPM or any other information. In the last Update of TOS, may report the "Total amount" won. But not other details.  

6. Put a header only "sponsored links" that "advertisements". Any other labels prohibited. I have met several pages with different titles. Do you view the page in a few seconds.

 7. Never you make New Page for clicked ads. The Adsense ads, you must appear on the same page, not a page "special" made ​​only for them. Google does not want to open a new window to a new page when clicked an ad.

8. One Account suffices for multiple pages. 
No need to create 5 accounts for 5 different websites. An account is sufficient. If you have the fear of what will happen if an account is locked because you would be breaking the terms (TOS), believe me, you will be automatically closed and all other accounts once you discover them, and discover very quickly, be absolutely sure about this. You can keep track of the clicks you using "Channels" (channels) and real time statistics indeed. It automatically discover your new page, and display similar ads that match the content.

9. Show ads only on pages with content. 
Advertisers (Advertisers) pay only ads related to the content of a page. The content of a page, guides and which ads appear. Also you can manage some clicks from error, login, registration, "thank you" or welcome pages, while the inactive pages pop ups, you will also make outside programs because prohibited.  

10. Do not hide content ads. Changes in colors or Borders, often made ​​to match the ads visually in the colors of your page. In some pages, however, the url of an advertisement was the same color as the background, so that visitors clicked accidentally on. To assimilate visually an ad with all of your page, not a bad idea. Hiding but important elements of advertising are breaking the terms and you will lose your Account. Also do not block the distinguished an ad, hiding among the images, pop ups, tables, etc.  

11. Do not send email through your ads. The in Html formatted emails look good and allow you to put ads code from javascript. However, it may not do under the TOS. Do not try or wish never pressed any ad you via email that you sent one, nor even only once. The monitor, believe me!

12. Keep details of your content. So, not allowed in most Adsense pages without content (content). There are also pages with content where prohibited Adsense. Meade then never put on pages with MP3, Video, News Groups, and Image Results. Exclude also any pornographic page, each page "stems hatred", violence, or any other illegal content.

13. Do not make any changes to your ads, then you will be searching click them. Make sure you do not and will not in any way changes the appearance and purpose of the ad, then someone will do it clicks the search for them. Do not use frame, minimize, remove, redirect or prevent the full and complete display of any advertisement and for any reason. 

14. Avoid excessive advertising and keyword usage Although the definition of "excessive" is generalized in Google AdSense, the correct placement of ads, proper focus on content and high traffic page, you will generate a lot more income than other programs, so excessive advertising is not required, or add more. These keywords are intended to better focused ads, but "overdoing it" does not help in anything. Every time you doubt that you need some help, the better solution is to ask the adsense help who are informed and educated staff of Google Adsense. Indeed it is very helpful .. and logically, we are talking about money you see!

*** The original article is in Greek language and translated to English language using google translate ***


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